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"Adopting Future Internet technologies in manufacturing industries"
  • Project
    Starting date: 01 April 2013
    Duration in months: 30
    FP7 Call: FP7-2012-ICT-FI
    Total costs: € 18,483,000.00
    Consortium: 36 partners from 11 European countries
  • The Mission
    The mission of the FITMAN (Future Internet Technologies for MANufacturing industries) project is to provide the FI PPP Core Platform with 10 industry-led use case trials in the domains of Smart, Digital and Virtual Factories of the Future
    FITMAN Trials (4 conducted by Large Enterprises, 6 by SMEs) will test and assess the suitability, openness and flexibility of FI-WARE Generic Enablers while contributing to the STEEP (social-technological-economical-environmental-political) sustainability of EU Manufacturing Industries.
    The use case trials belong to several manufacturing sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, white goods, furniture, textile/clothing, LED lighting, plastic, construction, and manufacturing assets management.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is it better to have one or more partners?
A: There is no preference on this issue. In the evaluation of the second criterion “Implementation”, the capability of the proposal to mobilise adequate resources both quantitatively and qualitatively will be assessed. The indication is that every proposal should involve up to 3-4 partners with clear roles and complementarity.

Q: Can we submit two proposals (under different categories DF / SF / VF)?
A: Yes, you can submit as many proposals as you want, but not in the same category.

Q: Does the evaluation committee consist of experts from the European Commission?
A: No, the evaluation committee is not consisting of EC staff members but of external experts contracted by the project for the evaluation task. Still they are independent, i.e. not from a member organisation of the project and not from any organisation that is proposing. FITMAN is following the EC guidelines with respect to conflict of interest.

Q: The VAT is not an eligible cost; is that right?
A: VAT is not an eligible cost. The financial guidelines that govern the EC FP7 program apply.

Q: Can I combine topics from DF, SF or VF?
A: Yes, but your proposal should have a well-defined centre of gravity. You must select only one category when you propose.

Q: Is there a size limit for submission files?
A: All proposals must be submitted via the indicated mail address. This mailbox has a single message size limit of 10MB. Please make sure that your submission file is smaller.

Q: Can I submit a link to a file that is available on an external server?
A: NO, only what is in your e-mail will be evaluated. No external links will be followed.

Q: How is the proposal being evaluated? What are the criteria?
A: proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the criteria that governed the Commission’s original evaluation and selection of the project, with the assistance of at least two experts who are independent of the organisations involved in the FITMAN consortium and of any proposer, using the procedure described in the ICT Workprogramme: with priority to the proposal scoring highest on criterion 3 Impact, followed by criterion 1 Scientific and technical excellence.

Q: can we rely on some consortium partners to make the demo at their sites? 
A: The current consortium partners will provide trials for the purpose to demonstrate your ICT solutions. No need to bring partners other than the ones strictly necessary to provide the ICT solution.

Q: We adhere to FITMAN management structure. Do we include a MGT Wp in the proposal?
A: Please insert a MGT WP. We will evaluate at negotiation how to deal with the MGT activities.

Q: FITMAN is looking for small consortia, but their constituency is not fully clear
A: FITMAN will award three small consortia, one in the SF, one in the DF and one in the VF domains. Participating consortia in SF should be formed by up to 3 legal entities, in DF by up to 4 legal entities, in VF by up to 2 legal entities.
There was an erroneous statement in §1.1 page 4 of the Guide for Applicants: "
We have a vacancy in our consortium for 3 consortia of up to 3 partners each (i.e. up to 9 new partners), established in an EU Member State or FP7 Associated State and …..".

Q: Is it possible to include subcontractors  in the proposal?
A: No, subcontracts are not allowed in this call.


Q: I would like to have the presentation of the webinar on the Specific Enabler "Secure Event Management" held on 15 November 2013.
A: It is one of the technical document listed in, namely SEI 2 - Secure Event Management - Webinar (11-2013).


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